What our Customers say...

Commercial Testimonials

Some of our students smoked during after school activities and set off the alarms and the sprinklers. No real fire to speak of but the water was everywhere. Thanks to SERVPRO's fast response, the students didn't miss even one day of classes! 

Our family-owned motel needed some repairs done because of guest activity, including cigarette smoke odors. Every time a guest compliments us on how nice the rooms smells, we tell them it's because of SERVPRO. 

The fire only affected a couple of offices, but made it difficult to remain in the house. I was so pleased that your team got to work so fast on repairing our damage and helping us to feel comfortable in our home once again. 

Thank you to all of your technicians and staff who made this disaster a little easier to bear. My business has never looked better, and that is all thanks to everyone one of you.