What our Customers say...


Some of our students smoked during after school activities and set off the alarms and the sprinklers. No real fire to speak of but the water was everywhere. Thanks to SERVPRO's fast response, the students didn't miss even one day of classes! 

Fantastic job, everyone! Glad flooding doesn't happen often, but you've got another loyal customer if I ever have another bad situation. I told the neighbor's landlord about how fast your team worked. He was very impressed. 

Mildew started spotting our clothes and we couldn't figure out why. Your tech used a little meter device and found water leaking behind the closet all the way from the roof! That's patched up now and the water is gone, and so are the icky spots on our clothes. Thanks, SERVPRO! 

When I had a fire in the garage, I was told to call your company. Your crew leader explained everything that they needed to do to make the mess disappear. Thanks for calming me down and helping me through this. 

Our family-owned motel needed some repairs done because of guest activity, including cigarette smoke odors. Every time a guest compliments us on how nice the rooms smells, we tell them it's because of SERVPRO. 

Our addition's pond rose so high it flooded our home. I called you and we had SERVPRO techs at our place only a couple of hours later. Thank you for helping us get some things my daughter needed for our grandson and then helping out with everything else, too. Our entire family appreciates it immensely. 

Fire spread from some candles my daughter was using and burned her entire room. Everything seemed to be on fire. She's really happy with the results of all your work, and I'm more than okay with the cost.  

The fire only affected a couple of offices, but made it difficult to remain in the house. I was so pleased that your team got to work so fast on repairing our damage and helping us to feel comfortable in our home once again. 

I was at a loss of what to do when a fire swept through my home. Fortunately, we had SERVPRO in our corner to help us through every step of the process and make sure that we were comfortable and happy. A+ guys. 

Thank you to all of your technicians and staff who made this disaster a little easier to bear. My business has never looked better, and that is all thanks to everyone one of you. 

Sam has been extremely professional during this restoration project and took a lot off of our shoulders knowing he wanted the best for us through this difficult experience.

Thank you Sam! Great, honest company and crew

Sam & his employees are top notch, positive, hard working people, that stick to the job no matter how difficult. Sam is so incredibly knowledgeable on all facet of damage - from insurance to insects! You will be able to sleep like a baby, because you will realize that Sam will have your back and clearly communicate with you every step of the way. I "almost" look forward to the next disaster so I can call him!

I cannot say enough about Sam and SERVPRO. I had 2 floods in August - 2015, 2 weeks apart. You can only imagine the stress level. Sam came and just took charge. He is extremely knowledgeable and honest! I have had many experiences - personal and business - involving auto and home repair vendors. I know this sounds odd, but the experience could not have been better.

Had a water leak in our park model and they were out there within hours. So helpful and professional with everything.

We had water damage in our home, called SERVPRO & they responded quickly, moved furniture/appliances, removed the water, set up fans to dry. They came back daily to check progress. Employees were efficient, very respectful & went above & beyond. We highly recommend this company!

I certainly don't wish it on anyone, but in the event you have a catastrophe at your house; flood, fire, etc. I highly recommend you call SERVPRO of Casa Grande to come in as the restoration company. Amazing group of guys to work with, extremely knowledgeable, very honest and friendly. Very fast response time on a Saturday, came daily to check on progress, available to answer any and all questions! Made a sucky situation just a little bit better!

We had only been in our home less than 60 days when monsoon season had left us with an unexpected mess. SERVPRO was sent out to evaluate the damage and ultimately completed the work. The work Sam and his crew did was exceptional! They are extremely knowledgeable, experienced and honest. They went above and beyond to help us with the water damage, mold growth and repairs. We highly recommend their company and would not hesitate to contact in the future should we need them again.

Hi, Thank you so much for helping out my sister and my nephew with his cleaning. He called me that night to tell me you were so nice to him and the furniture looks great. He was very happy with the outcome. Thank you for the extra effort you put in him for him. You made his day.

Gratefully, Molly

Sam and his crew were wonderful.

Great group of professionals.

Very well qualified to handle the problems at my residence.

Wonderful, caring, honest......Great Pros!