Water Damage Photo Gallery

Floor Demo

Post Floor Demo

Our crew worked hard to remove the flooring in this library in one of our local law offices that suffered major water damage.

Clean Cuts

Drywall Removal

Precise drywall cuts made by our amazing crew in a water damaged home 

Water Damage – Casa Grande Home

Water damage at this Casa Grande home was caused during a remodeling project when a water pipe was hit, causing it to rupture. The photo shows the water soaked carpeting which needed to have the water removed and then thoroughly dried. SERVPRO of Casa Grande would be able to suction up the water and set up industrial fans and dehumidifiers to aid in the drying process.

Maricopa Water Mishap

A 1/4” inch fresh water supply line to a swamp cooler broke while the owners were out of the country. The water ran for about a week. Fortunately, the owners had a friend checking the house weekly, so there was much less damage than there could have been. Being a manufactured home in Maricopa, the water was able to drain out through the floor onto the ground under the building, which also prevented the entire home from sustaining water damage. The carpet and vinyl flooring had to be removed to tear out the affected subfloor material by our SERVPRO technicians, which was engineered wood and could not be restored. Due to the degree of saturation of the walls, the drywall had to be cut and removed up to 4’ above, the floor to properly dry the structure.

Maricopa Water Damage

The homeowners came home to standing water in their Maricopa living room and hallway. Our SERVPRO crew arrived quickly and extracted the water from the carpeting and prevented secondary water damage. Count on us for fast service.

Supply Line Leak and Water Damage in Casa Grande

This supply line in an upstairs bathroom in a Casa Grande home soaked the area and seeped down into the first level causing significant water damage. Pressurized water can quickly flood an area, and our SERVPRO technicians can remove it almost as quickly.

Wet Insulation Removal in Arizona City

Here we see Sam suctioning out wet insulation from this attic in Arizona City. A leaking pipe coupling led to the dampness that needed immediate help to prevent further water damage and possible mold development. Our SERVPRO company has a specifically designed vacuum to accomplish this task.

Casa Grande Wall Drying After a Water Leak

The pipe in the wall of this Casa Grande house dripped water until the water stain revealed the problem to our customer. Our skilled SERVPRO technicians strive to restore and not replace water damaged materials. By drilling weep holes and using a rigged type of injectidry system we circulated warm air inside the wall cavity to remove the moisture, and not the walls.

Moisture Readings After a Water Mishap in Maricopa

Pictured is a non-penetrating moisture meter which provides readings of the dampness percentage of material. This baseboard in a Maricopa condo shows the needle in the "red zone," so our SERVPRO tech will continue to monitor the drying process until we achieve our goal.

Water Damage in Coolidge

A toilet leaked on the second floor and water seeped through the subflooring and soaked the ceiling panels of the dining area in this Coolidge home. Our SERVPRO technicians removed this safety hazard before beginning the rest of the cleanup and restoration.

Water Damaged Ceiling in Casa Grande

The pressurized water supply line in the attic crawl space of this Casa Grande house drenched the insulation and ceiling panels. The building materials were non-salvageable and required a controlled demolition before the drying and restoration service could continue. SERVPRO technicians have the skills and equipment to restore order.