Recent Before & After Photos

Toilet back up

Toilet overflowed causing damage to 75% of main floor. Removed damaged materials, dried and replaced drywall, tile, baseboard, etc. and painted.

Washer machine hose line broke

The upstairs laundry room washing machine supply line broke causing flooding upstairs and down.Removed damaged materials, dried and did reconstruction.Home is l... READ MORE

Major water damage

Upstairs toilet supply line leaked. Flooded upstairs and downstairs requiring removal of wet and damaged materials and drying remaining structure.When that was ... READ MORE

Supply line leak

Caused major water damage to both levels of home requiring extensive demo and reconstruction

Pipe above ceiling leaked

Pipe above ceiling can create a lot of damage. Here, the blown in insulation had to be removed, then some drywall.Drying equipment was set up to dry the remaini... READ MORE

Devastating Fire

This two story home was completely destroyed by an electrical device. This started with a call from the local police/fire dispatch to respond to the fire to bo... READ MORE